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About Us

The pandemic gave us Japanese style sandwiches

As two brothers who worked in the hospitality industry for many years, we witnessed the closure of the restaurant business happening due to the pandemic. Both stuck at home and with no light at the end of the shutdown tunnel we started some brainstorming how to make the best of these dark times. The food scenery in Amsterdam came a long way, developing and improving over the years, not so the humble sandwich. During our search for the next new sandwich we came across the Japanese style sandwich also know as a Sando’s. These sandwiches had been taking North America by storm, we figured they could probably do the same in Amsterdam.  Due to these crazy times, home delivery would be our best bet. After initial testing among family and friends we decided to take the plunge and started promoting via Instagram 

Ranchi Amsterdam was born.

We have been supplying Amsterdam with the best Japanese style sandwiches ever since.


Japanese style sandwiches



Egg salad

Classic Japanese egg salad sandwich. Hand peeled eggs, mayo, miso, scallion and rice vinegar. Served with a semi hard boiled egg on top of homemade mustard


Chicken katsu

Our famous chicken katsu. 24h brined filet, hand breaded and deep fried for the juiciest chicken. Served with mayo, crispy cabbage with sweet and tangy bulldog sauce.


Chicken salad

Our take on chicken salad. Pulled chicken, mayo, mustard, miso, rice vinegar, homemade pickled daikon, shredded carrot and scallion.


Ton katsu

The OG Japanese pork sandwich. Brined Zuiderzee pork filet, breaded in house and deep fried for the juiciest pork. Served with mayo, crispy cabbage with sweet and tangy bulldog sauce.


Plant based chicken

Chicken katsu made of plants. Supplied by Tindle the award winning plant based chicken. Served with mayo, crispy cabbage with sweet and tangy bulldog sauce.



For all the fish lovers, Our take on the classic tuna sandwich. Tuna, dark sesame oil, mayo, sesame seeds, cucumber, red onion, chives, ginger and chili flakes for that extra kick.


XO beef

Our decadent take on a burger. Locally sourced beef patty, hand breaded, deep fried till perfection. Served with XO mayo (XO sauce) homemade bbq sauce and crispy cabbage.


Side dishes

Chicken chunks

In house brined and breaded chicken chunks, dressed in szechuan chili oil. Served with sweet and tangy bulldog sauce or sriracha mayo.


Waffle fries

The perfect side to any sandwich. Waffle fries served with homemade sriracha mayo.


Loaded fries

fries | Fried chicken | Sriracha mayo | Scallion | Pickled red onion